Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being A Tourist...

...is not so fun. I understand the inevitability of feeling like a tourist under my current circumstances (which are, ahem, being a tourist). Yesterday we went (as a group) on a bus tour around London. It was pretty incredible to see everything so quickly, but also really confusing and almost surreal. Going on the tour just inspired me to figure out how to participate this city, and motivated me to understand the city enough to not have every monument become the same blurry memory of day one london touring.

One thing that I am loving about London is the architecture. Unlike any other city I've been in, the architecture here, on even the most simple buildings, is notably interesting, beautiful, and almost regal. Every little street is peppered with colors in the form of doors and mailboxes upon brilliant (did I mention I'm British now?), bright, thoughtfully designed buildings.

Today I had class. Then I went to this awesome neighborhood with a few girls and we discovered thrift stores, music shops, and a really cute pub. Basically, I did exactly what all of you are picturing I'm doing over here. Why do I need a blog, again?

What is odd is how quickly time seems to be going. Days fly by in an exhausted haze and before you know it I'm stressing about paying with pounds in a different cafe the next morning. No, it's not because I'm broke (though I am, kind of), it's because transactions that don't involve plastic cards or George Washington frighten me.

I am also starting to come up with a list of things I'd like to do here/goals I have made for this trip:

1. Find a favorite London coffee shop
2. Explore the parks
3. Be able to navigate the Tube by May 31 (the Tube is so great)

Yes, there's only 3. I don't want to overwhelm you, okay?

Remind me later to write about an awkward story about being American in London. For now, pics.

About the Pictures: I apologize seriously for my lack of photography skills. It's almost entertaining the amount of pictures in which the subject is severely obstructed or the subject is another tourist taking photos with her/his iPad. Okay, a few of the latter were intentional. Point is, I do not know how to take a picture and you all/myself in 20 years are the ones to suffer. Misery loves company though, so keep in touch, will you?

P.S. About the Johnny Cash... http://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2013/05/brixton-fire-engine-blares-out-ring-of-fire-on-coldharbour-lane/

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