Saturday, May 25, 2013

My day today is worth reading about

On the way home tonight, Molly and I were talking about how in the last two days we have experienced so much that the next few weeks will not possibly be this notable. If I were to leave London tomorrow this would still be one of the most significant weeks of my life. While I hope to update you on everything that has happened (getting lost looking for vegan bakeries, freezing/learning at Hampton Court, going to see DeVotchKa at an amazing venue, the friendliness and more than of European men, Portobello market, and more), tonight's events deserve a post of their own, and I must document this now. 

This afternoon when Molly and I were eating at a bakery (I had fresh juice and delicious coconut milk/chia/raspberry pudding), my life changed forever. She was facebook stalking one of her favorite bands (and now one of mine), Local Natives who was believed to be in Barcelona.  Their most recent status read: "LDN FD 19:10!" For those of you that don't know, this is a code. I wouldn't have known. 

So as I eat my pudding, Molly makes an epic discovery:

LDN= London

FD= Field Day
19:10= 7:10

Yes, a surprise show. So. cool. 

Local Natives in London playing Field Day at 7:10. We must go. 

And we did. 

When we arrive, it's about 6:30 and the festival has been going on all day. I am easily the least hip person there, which might have made me the most hip person there. We immediately find the stage where Local Natives are performing and observe the end of the preceding band's show. Since it wasn't the main stage and it was a surprise show there weren't an extreme amount of people there. When the first band finishes (they were okay), everyone leaves the stage. No really, pretty much everyone disperses. Molly and I scurry to the bar that separates the stage from the crowd and set ourselves up in the center. Literally 15 feet away from the stage, not a being in between the band and us. About 10 short minutes later Local Natives start setting up. By 7:15, my life has changed. The show was pretty short, but just incredible. To get more full coverage of the actual performance visit Molly's blog: 

And thus is the very condensed story as to how I ended up at Local Native's surprise show at Field Day (an outdoor music festival) my first week in London. Tonight, I was easily the coolest I have ever been in my life. You should share this story, it is not very artfully written but its content is exceptional enough, I think. 
More later. 
Kisses and Hugs and Love from London

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