Thursday, May 23, 2013

The coolest tourists use iPhones

You know that girl you see wearing bright pants, running around, taking photos of art, people, pavement? She's everywhere, all the time, standing in the middle of the street, probably has been hit by cars on multiple occasions? Turns out her name is Kara.

It also turns out that most people in London don't carry around cameras to picture (my new verb for take a picture of) literally every aspect of the city/their experiences. If you know me well (yes, I'm pretending that some people I don't know read this blog- throw me a bone here) you will be surprised to hear that since I have been here, I have turned into the biggest picture person. I still don't like pictures of myself, but I do like pictures of almost everything else. In fact, I find myself returning to certain sights only to take pictures of things I feel like I'll forget about or regret if I don't.

Since I have no self control when it comes to photography anymore, I decided to change my methods slightly. I concluded that taking iPhone photos is a lot more socially acceptable than always using my camera. So, when my camera is too far away or when I want to blend in just a little, I use my phone. Here is a stream of only iPhone photos of London.

P.S. I ate an entire loaf of bread in the last two days, completely alone

 Lost on the Tube, just kind of sort of

 Amazingly cool used bookstore

 Crowds of humans commuting effectively

 Bad picture of great bread--see above ps

Friends and cookies, my two favorite things


Weird vintage store where I bought shoes

One of many cool record stores

And another...

The house where Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes spent their wedding night! 

And the church where they were married

This statue of Gandhi: Not actually him. The artist did not have a picture of Gandhi so he sculpted a random Indian man. I kid you not. 

Built in 2008 (I think...) First ever statue of an Asian woman in London. She a spy in WWII

Keynes, Woolf, and other members of the Bloomsbury group lived in these homes. Those little blue plaques indicate that famous people lived there. The Bloomsbury group were said to be couples that lived in squares and loved in triangles. 

From the British Museum- pretty much all museums here are free

The tube. I am literally obsessed. 

Me, lamenting my sore feet on cobblestone streets

The same feet, still sore

A view that some of my programmates have: literally a wall 5 feet from their window 

Super cool thai restaurant 

Super delicious thai food

The nicest view anyone in our program has

My breakfast this morning in a great but too expensive cafĂ©. They gave me mint tea on the form of hot water and mint leaves. Pure delight. 

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