Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art and Culture, but not really

I finally downloaded some iPhone pictures onto my computer so I'll chat a little bit about London today.

I'm actually really frustrated because during my visit to the Courtauld I wrote down the name of many incredible paintings and artists that I planned on revisiting or at least getting prints of. And because I'm Kara, I, of course, have lost that damn receipt that I scribbled the names onto. During the time at the museum I was actually really proud of myself for not conforming to note-taking on my iPhone, which is sitting right next to me. The irony.

So instead I'll shower you with random photos from my phone. Sorry.

These are Sean and Josh, two friends from high school that I met in London. Brian was there too for a few minutes but went to meet a girl. I believe this incident was mentioned previously on the blog. 

Katie and Julie at a pub, sorry if I've already posted this. 

Live music outside of the Tate modern on a gorgeous day. 

Ceiling mirrors at clubs make for excellent selfies- later I'll post more about this night

This photo is my pride and joy, I take full photo credit

A Ben's cookie and white russian for breakfast, neither are mine though, I promise

Vegan English breakfast

Pretty photo taken by Camden market

My lovely grandmother. This was taken yesterday. Isn't she just beautiful? 

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