Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm in a really, really, really cool café that I plan in living in for the next few months. It gives you free internet and free snacks and the people here speak to you in French even though they know you're american.

This has been a really odd week. I've been feeling in extremes. I've gone to a lot of class, baked a cake, read a little, stopped watching TV, ran a bunch of kilometers (well, relatively), and booked a trip to Ireland. By the way, the trips that are booked are: Madrid, Ireland, Morocco. The trips that I'm working on are: Swiss Alps (right after christmas to ski), and amsterdam.

Everyone tells you that it's so cheap to fly within Europe. What they should say is it's so cheap (well, relatively) to fly in Europe. Because yes, taking a plane from Paris to Ireland is not very expensive compared to the flight I take to Spokane from Oakland, but it's still expensive! And I'm broke.

So right now, in this heavenly café I am applying for jobs. I'm excited to stay in Paris this weekend. Seriously, I've been on the go since I've been here and it'd be nice to get drunk in a familiar city.

I miss you all :) xo

My next post will be interesting, and all photos! I'm sorry I've been slacking on the photos lately...

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