Wednesday, January 22, 2014


...I was walking along the street and I saw something wonderful.

There's this man that lives on the street right by Notre Dame that I pass all the time on my walk to/from school. So today I'm walking by that corner and there are two girls who are probably a little bit older than me smoking on the sidewalk. They're chic and skinny and french. One of the girls turns slightly and sees the man sitting in his usual spot and without even thinking, pulls out her box of cigarettes and offers one to him. He accepts, she lights the cigarette, and then goes back to her conversation.

Offering someone a cigarette is such a simple, kind social gesture. It's equalizing. And the way she did it, so casually, made me hopeful.

Also kids, smoking kills.

Another amazing thing happened too: A boy in my program who I am not very close with gave me a gorgeous box of chocolates from Jeff de Bruges for my birthday. He didn't get me chocolates because everyone loves chocolate- he got me chocolate because he knows how much I love chocolate. I just found that the be the sweetest thing ever. And they're all gone.

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