Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chocolate, Waffles, and Fries

In that order.

Our digs

Grand Place

Chocolate factory

Chocolate factory tour

Wine teeth, they're hereditary 

For a steady 15 years I trained. Starting on Friday mornings, my mom would make Nick and I something special for breakfast. I remember specifically cinnamon rolls and mini pancakes. You know, all of that incredibly addictive food that Michelle Obama has rallied the troops against. Saturday was French Toast. Always, always, always, French Toast prepared by my mother, the master. And there were stacks of it, loaves of bread soaked and fried and delivered immediately to our plates. Hours of chatting and pounds of butter. And finally, Sunday. The day of rest. On sundays it was my dad's turn. He would make us waffles- nothing special, just bisquick. Nick liked his plain. But my dad and I had a specific preference. Right before putting the giant scoop of batter into the waffle iron, he would lay a piece of bacon down diagonally. After a tedious 4 minutes, there was a bacon waffle- let's call it a baffle (you know, bafflingly incredible and all that). The best part of a baffle is that you never quite know exactly when you're going to encounter that first bite of bacon. When you finally do, it's Christmas, your 21st birthday and a trip to Europe all at once. It was delicious and perfect and the best way to start a Sunday. Well the baffle and then 3 more.

So after many, many, years of 10,000 calorie weekends, I thought I was ready. It's always terrified a few people when they find out how much I can eat. It's a capability many wouldn't expect from me, one which I carry quite proudly. But I failed. I failed you mom, I failed you dad, I failed. Because I didn't finish that waffle.

Brussels was amazing. Surprisingly so. It reminded me a little bit of London and a little bit of Seattle. The architecture was incredibly beautiful, the people were nice, and it was just generally lovely. I met some friends from Florence and we stayed in a cute little apartment for a few days. We saw the peeing man statue, explored the Grand Place, visited a comic strip museum, and went on a tour of a chocolate factory (which was AMAZING!). I highly recommend a trip, even if it's just for a day. Also, Belgian waffles are like cake- they are not the same thing you get when you order a belgian waffle. They are literally like cake. And delicious, SO DELICIOUS.

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