Monday, March 10, 2014

I loved today

Today was a truly wonderful day. I realized that a lot of you probably don't know what I do with my life here on a day to day basis, so I thought since today was one of my favorite days (probably ever) I might as well give you a play by play.

6:30: Alarm goes off, hit snooze a thousand and twelve times. I set my alarm so early because I had my first history test today and despite studying a tad yesterday, I planned on getting up early and studying for an hour. Sunday night Kara is so hilarious. Really though, she's hilarious. I love the girl.
7:46: Actually get out of bed. I've come up with this new trick to turn my lamp on one of the first times my alarm goes off, then even if I turn the alarm off on accident I will probably still wake up. Genius, I tell you
7:57: Wake up one of my many french lovers and kick him out of my soft bed
8:04: Go downstairs to breakfast and eat with my friends. Talk loads about the French Revolution. Laugh and chat about the weekend. Monday mornings are my favorite debriefing sessions. I had yogurt with honey, a clementine that I picked up at the Bastille market on sunday, apple juice and mint tea. In case you were wondering.
8:44: Go up to my room and try to study. Instead, stumble across this blog and get nothing done.
9:07: Meet Mollie downstairs and walk to Hotel de Ville. There's a photography exhibit with a bunch of parisian scenes that we've been dying to see but the line is always unreasonably long. That's what monday mornings are for, right?

Keep in mind, I am studying on and off all throughout the morning. I'm not really a sit-down-and-look-at-a-book type of person. I am more into the glancing, testing, thinking, glancing method. Don't judge me, I have a 4.0. Just wanted to get that straight :)

10ish: get admitted into the museum after waiting in line for a while. We thought it opened at 9. oops. more study time. Also, mollie and I have this game we play where one of us will call out an emotion (bewildered! exasperated! melancholy!) and the other will make a face to match the emotion. It always makes us laugh insanely hard. We play it mostly when we wait for the bus but this was a suitable occasion, too.

10:15: Meet our friend Carine inside the exhibit. Study and regard... buy adorable post cards
11:00: Get some coffee at a nearby café. Chat about the French Revolution and also life.
11:30: Walk to school
12:07: Go to boulangerie by school. I got salmon and spinach quiche, raspberry mousse, and water. Also, I stopped eating all meat but fish. For those of you that care.
12:15: Meet our friend Conor in the Jardin du Luxembourg. He helped me so much with studying and just being a good friend. I started to panic a little- I hate test anxiety!
13:15: Take chill pill
14:00: Go to class. wait a painful 20 minutes for her to give us the test while reviewing as a class
14:25: Get the test. I completely overstudied. It's almost hilarious. I would be floored if I didn't get everything right. That sounded completely braggy. But come on, let's call a spade a spade. Or an A an A.
17:00: get out of class. I love history class. It's so interesting and lovely (and bloody!!) and it's one of my absolute favorite subjects.
5:15: Take the bus home. catch up with my friend Maria that went to Florence for the weekend. Yes Mimi, she did meet a handsome italian man
5:30: I'm home! And there's a pair of amazing jeans waiting for me in my mailbox! Thanks mom :) I run upstairs to try them on (6 floors, that's a lot of running) Not only are they perfect but they're my size and they fit perfectly. That is not to be taken for granted these days
5:40: Go running- tempo three miles
6:07: Get back home. I ran fast today

Then I wrote you this post. If it bores you, I'm sorry. It was really warm today, I didn't even need a sweater. Lately Paris has been incredible. So many wonderful things have been happening and my mood has been very positive as a result. Or perhaps my positivity is the cause of the good things. Who knows. I think that the winter weather was taking a toll on me that I didn't realize at the time, but now that the sun is here I truly never want to leave.

P.S. have you noticed my gorgeous photos lately? They're courtesy of my amazing camera and therefore my amazing mom

Dinner time :)


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