Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On being abroad for about six months

I can't believe I just got here six months ago. I can't believe I haven't been here for ever. 

Picture taken at the Musée de la Piscine in Lille, France

The other day I was walking and thinking about things that I'll miss about Paris and about the things I definitely won't. And I realized that there's so much about the United States that will shock me when I return, that even though I'm an American (and completely adore America as a place to live) there is no doubt part of me that will never get over having to leave Paris. It's my home now, and it won't be three months from now. And that's scary. 

Things I will miss about Paris: 

1. That you can walk everywhere, and if you can't walk you can probably take the metro
2. That you can go to Spain or Portugal or Italy or Germany (etc.) for the weekend
3. French- I love it
4. Art- it's everywhere, all the time, and mostly museums are free for me
5. The chocolate, the Macaroons (I've been meaning to photograph macaroons but (and this is a true story) I always eat them before I remember that I wanted a picture. Oh well, guess I'll just have to buy more)
6. The unhealthy sitcom like group dynamic I've got going with my friends here
7. The architecture! 
8. The cobblestones 
9. The parks
10. The classes- I've been learning so much from my history and art classes this semester. Not just about history and art, but about french
11. Stationary stores, all stores
12. Fresh food markets
13. The man that I joke with at the supermarket, the man that I joke with at the fruit juice stand, all my little broships with french people 
14. My room, I love my room
15. Marie Claire

Things I will not miss about Paris:

1. The fact that basically the entire city smells like human urine. Not dog urine, human urine.
2. Basically the whole city closes down on Sunday. And at like 10pm. Ugh. 
3. It's expensive. It's really expensive. 
4. Cramming myself into an already overflowing metro car
5. Being petrified that someone will steal my wallet. Or my phone. Or my dignity. Oh no wait, I have no dignity left to lose.
6. Being scared to special order. Also not being a vegan

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