Friday, May 30, 2014

I Need a new Debit Card...

Would any of you like to volunteer yours? 

Love the colorful poles!!


Today was a nice day. I did a little shopping and a lot of walking, and tonight is one of our last nights altogether in La Vigie. 

But... the most embarrassing thing happened to me today. I was in my favorite boutique looking around and of course decided to buy something. When I was up at the register though, my card was declined. And I didn't have any cash, of course. I texted the bank and it turns out I have enough money in my account. So, you know, therein lies the mystery. So then I went to the ATM because, hello, I really need these pants, but my card didn't work there either. Apparently it's invalid? The point of this story though, is that it was a really embarrassing moment. And I go to this store about 17 times a month. Next time I won't wear my glasses. 

Is this one of those things that happens to everyone, or is that what people say when you tell them the story? Crossing my fingers it's the former. 

Now, to call the bank. 


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