Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Over Spring break, I went to Italy. Florence, specifically. I was also in Pisa for a day, but all I did was see the tower (pictured below) and the airport. It was such a fun trip though. I saw David and his lovely arse, we went to the Uffizi, the leather market, that bridge where they sell all the gold (??) and many Gonzaga in Florence events. 

One night we ended up at this opera concert. We stumbled upon it through our hotel. It was at this beautiful venue that was a mix between a hotel and a really fancy retirement home. The bathrooms were pure marble and gorgeous- yes, I'm regaling to you my time spent in a bathroom at an Italian retirement home. The concert itself though was incredible. This woman's voice was gorgeous and she was so consumed by singing- she was completely lost in the music. 

The whole trip was really great, and I have Uncle Tom and René to thank for it. So, thank you!

More pictures of the Hotel Tournabuoni to come- the same hotel that my grandmother Mimi stayed at during her visit to Florence maybe 30 years ago. 


  1. I miss Italy! Love the yellow color

  2. I miss it, too! It's so gorgeous there.