Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life Lately

Things have been really very overwhelming lately here in Paris. Lots to do, so little time, you've heard my sad story before. I've been really sick these last few days and it's been raining outside. I always find myself surrounded by great friends and charming boys until I'm sick. Then they all seem to be desperately busy and I find myself making tea while cleaning my dirty room and searching for at least one clean tissue. There you go, a visual of my glamorous life in Paris. 

 You know, I used to quite like the rain before I moved here. Now it's just preventing picnics and outdoor champagne fĂȘtes near the eiffel tower. At least I have an excuse to do some devoirs. 

I'm working really hard on finding jobs when I get back to the states, and it's stressing me out. Life is expensive. 

My family (as most of you know because most of you are) have been here the past few weeks. It's been so lovely, and so exhausting. But they're hilarious and it's really, really fun. 

Auntie Joan and Auntie Susan

Auntie Susan looking so cute

All of the above are Jardin du Luxembourg, by the way

It's tourist season

Et voila, les détailles de ma vie

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