Thursday, May 15, 2014

On Seeing Famous People

Today I was walking home from class, minding my own business, just frolicking around île st. louis like any old Thursday, when all of the sudden I saw someone that looked extremely familiar. It was this tiny, gorgeous lady speaking english. I couldn't place her instantly, but I knew she was an actress. I looked at the man she was holding hands with and realized that he also looked very familiar. I followed them for a few minutes (not kidding) and then eventually turned around to walk home.

Once home, I spent 10 minutes searching for this woman's face online. Finally I found this article called something like "Sexiest actresses in their 30s" on some grody men's site. And well... I FOUND HER.

Voila: Keri Russell (from AUSTENLAND!!) and her boyfriend Matthew Rhys

Keri Russell is friends with Jennifer Garner, so does this mean that I basically helped produce Argo? I think so. 

Anywho, this whole experience reminded me of the time I crashed the Spiderman 2 Paris premiere at the Grand Rex theatre. I never got around to documenting it, so here goes. 

My friends Maria and Tabby are total fangirls. For those of you who don't know, that just means they are obsessed with certain shows and actors and characters and feed that passion through obsessive websites and even more obsessive behavior. Anyway, a few months ago they went to the Hunger Games premier. It was really awful for them (as in they got physically beaten by high school girls) but we decided to brave the spiderman crowds anyway...

Here we are, going strong at 10am. We got to the theatre in the around then and waited (standing up, in the chili early spring weather) until the actors finally came out (around 9pm). We had to wait across the street so that we didn't block the road, but the second they closed it off there was a massive stampede to the barrier surrounding the red carpet. Luckily we managed to steal spots right against the barrier. Or maybe not so luckily, seeing as we had been waiting for about 7 hours by that point. 

Other then the stampeding though, it was a lovely day. We had so. much. fun. A nice bagel man that we purchased food from in the morning even brought us free bagels! They were delicious. And, of course, it was all worth it for this face:

That's me in the middle, Andrew on the left and Maria on the right. Andrew complimented Maria's drawing (which was great) and get this, him and I actually engaged in witty banter! It went like this: 

Andrew: So who all do I need to fit in this photo? (he held my phone! by the way)
Kara: Her, myself, and you, the most important part
Andrew: Chuckles
Kara: Well we'd prefer it be Emma, but we take what we can get around here
Andrew: Laughs sincerely (I promise it was sincere), Trust me, I completely understand

Oh, swoon. 

Here's Emma (stone), she was so kind a lovely and beautiful. She took pictures with everyone that asked. Unfortunately, I got too overwhelmed to ask.

Emma was the first to come out. When she did Maria screamed "EMMA YOU ARE SO PRETTY!" it was really, really funny. She also explained (with all sincerity) to the guy standing behind us that she loved Andrew Garfield. I specifically remember hearing "no, you don't understand. I love him."

Doesn't she just look like an angel? We had a nice conversation too, though it was much less notable. 

A girl next to us asked if her english was correct on the mini questionnaire she made for Emma. It asked for Emma's hand in marriage and gave her three options- this is her filling it out. 

Andrew, posing with a family. He was just adorable! What friendly movie stars they are. 

Other stars were there too (Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx), but they either didn't come out on the red carpet or didn't bother talking to us. Rude. 

And of course, I had to capture Andrew's best angle. 


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