Sunday, May 18, 2014


Whenever there's a sunny Saturday in Paris, there's really nothing that my friends and I want to do but picnic. We've done it a few times before (sunny saturdays have been few and far between), but yesterday we finally made it over to the Champ de Mars (the park in front of the eiffel tower). 

We went to Rue Cler, an adorable market street, to get picnic ingredients before we headed to the park. There was also a vintage market at Rue Cler yesterday, so it was even more cute and quintessentially parisian than usual. 

We went to this cheese shop to ask for a recommendation and met the cutest man. He owns the shop and was looking for a babysitter in August. Too bad I'm leaving in June. Also too bad I hate watching children. 

These people just looked so genuinely cool that I had to take a creepy picture of them. 

First sunburn of the season!! Never have I been so happy to be burned. The entire left side of my body is dark red, but it's been such a cold winter that I don't care at all. Also, yes, those are zebras on my dress.

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