Wednesday, June 18, 2014


You might know that I adore the Natural History Museum in the Jardin des Plantes. I wrote about it a little but I've always sort of liked to think of it as my secret spot, the place where I go to be away from all tourists, all people. Except for, of course, the bazillions of children that are constantly there with their classes, all in identical neon vests and whatnot. I could literally go there everyday. It's free for all humans under the age of 26 and it's never too crowded. Not to mention, it's extremely cool. Full of bones and organs and ancient artifacts. I love that kind of stuff. 

I went there on my second to last day in Paris when it was hot as all hell and I was overwhelmed with packing and depressed over leaving. Like always, it lifted my spirit. And also like always, it made me think I should never have children. 

If you ever end up living in Paris you must must must go. However, it's not really that vital to your trip if you're a tourist, I don't think. 

I hope everyone is doing well. I got offered a job at school next year in the study abroad office so I'm currently very happy about that! I'm off to hot yoga now.

Have a wonderful day! xo

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