Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Giverny Part Deux

I'm home basking in the glory of vegan food and the utter convenience that is so very intrinsic to the american lifestyle. Looking back at these photos I'm so happy that I had a proper camera to take them. Nothing else could have really done the place justice. 

So. Beautiful.

I just adored how obvious the reflection of the trees was in the pond- it really translated well in these photos. It translates even better in Monet's work. 

This is the view from Monet's bedroom. His walls (bedroom and otherwise) were also covered in originals from his impressionist friends like Berthe Morisot and Caillebotte. What a way to wake up in the morning. 

I still have many photos from France, so there'll be a few more weeks of documentation of my trip here. 

Yay for summer! And even more yay for having packed my life up all by myself. It was probably the single most challenging thing I've done in my 21 years. 

Be back tomorrow. xxo

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