Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Notre Dame, Monsoons, and my French Lover

It's monsoon season in Paris. It's extremely hot and muggy in the way new yorkers complain about, and it's constantly POURING rain. Thanks Paris, for being so hospitable my last week here. But then again, after 9 months, would I want it any other way?

Yes. Yes I would. Just a little bit of sun goddammit. 

A few weeks ago my family was here. While walking to one of my favorite breakfast places my aunts and I were talking about my date the previous night, naturally. When we reached the far side of Notre Dame, my uncle stopped us and said something along the lines of I have never seen three people walk right past Notre Dame without even glancing up. Oh, right. But, uh, we had more important things on our minds. Like my french lover. Hello

So this is for Uncle Brendan. A special photo of what is apparently a special place. 

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