Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Hillary Clinton

Last night I saw Hillary Clinton speak live. Not only do I find her extremely intelligent and eloquent, I think she's a complete badass. It was only an hour long event (she gave a speech in the beginning and was then interviewed by a journalist) but it was really interesting and I learned a lot about her positions and personality. 

Despite the fact that basically everyone in the auditorium last night was rooting for #Hillary2016, I enjoyed hearing her speak outside of any political motivations. Yes, there's always an agenda whatever hers may be but I loved hearing and learning outside of her potential campaigning.  

My mom and I took a pre-hill selfie... we are very late to the selfie game but we quite enjoy them now

We had dinner at Max's before. I love this place, it reminds me so much of my mom. 

I was so, so excited! I tried to dress a little like Hill. I don't know how I did on that front, I mean, I don't own any pantsuits. 

She is so cool. I learned that she talks to herself sometimes and that (apparently) she said no to Bill three times before agreeing to marry him. When referencing how she plans to approach policies and elections in the future she said, "I'm just gonna say what I think," which makes me excited. She seemed very candid and even talked about a shouting match she had with Russian officials. 

When speaking of other politicians she said something that I just love: "What we need is people of good faith who will listen to each other." Yes yes yes. We don't want people in office that refuse to discuss and compromise. 

She had a very conversational way of speaking that made her seem personable. The main point of this event was to promote her book, but seeing as it's a memoir everything was pretty much fair game for the interviewer. He mainly asked about political decisions she's made, and she didn't really answer any of his questions #politiciansitellya

Hillary spoke with charisma and constantly talked about the of the uniqueness of America, saying "I believe that our values are the most important assets we have as Americans." By the organization of her speech it seems to me that she really likes America. Go figure. 

The auditorium was full of people that really adored Hill

Book Selfie

My absolute favorite thing that she said was that, "the only antidote to big donors and [big] ideology is voters." It is just so true. So, you know, vote, when the time comes. 

It was such a fun evening. Seeing smart people speak is quite wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Happy Thursday! I will be opening my copy of Hard Choices.  

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