Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On Understanding

The majority of stories that I have to tell are embarrassing ones. C'est pas grave, I got over my tendency towards humiliation years ago. So what happened yesterday was embarrassing, yes, but compared to what else I've suffered over the years it was basically rien. I'll tell the story anyway. 

I was giving my final exposé oral presentation on Emile Zola a complete badass yesterday in history class. It should go without saying that this presentation was in french because all of my classes are in french. So, as I'm speaking I'm trying really hard to make sure my grammar is proper and my sentences are well structured. I guess I also should have focused on what language I was speaking. 

In order to check to make sure the class was following, I stopped and asked, "est-ce que tout le monde oon- dare- stan?" As in, does everyone understand? But it was a pathetic melange of french and english, and everyone started laughing. Not only had I used understand instead of comprendre, I had also said it in this bizarrely high voice with a strange french accent. 

And for the rest of the day, my teacher kept stopping to ask if tout le monde oon dar stan?

I got an A, for those of you concerned. Also, I provided some much needed entertainment on the final day of our history class. 

Have a happy day! xxox

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