Wednesday, July 23, 2014

As of Late

I've been getting a stream of complaints lately. More like a river. Like the russian river of complaints if you will. A forceful incoming of grievances all in regard to my lack of posting thrilling things about my thrilling life. No joke. Calls, emails, face to face confrontations. People are angry! So in order to pacify the rioters and satisfy the needs of the citizens, I am back. Not better than ever, but back on these pages with some fun tales. 

I met Vernon Davis at the airport! I loove him. No, really. He's my favorite athlete. He was even my profile picture one time. 

So, story: We were at SFO to pick up my brother, Nicholas, but merci to a lucky coincidence we ended up at the wrong terminal. By coincidence I mean my mother thinking Nick was on United when he was actually flying Virgin... but no matter. It was pure fate. As we were in the elevator heading to the terminal from the parking garage we saw a driver with a sign reading Vernon's name. And basically stalked him. 

When Vernon came down to where all the drivers (and we, duh) were waiting, he made a sign to the driver and dove directly toward baggage claim and out of view. Of course I understood him not wanting to be bombarded by annoying and overenthusiastic fans, but seeing as I am not either of those things, I ran after him. He was standing alone by a baggage belt and my mom and I went up and I was completely cool as I said "Uh Mr. Davis Sir I'm a huge fan I'm so so sorry to bother you could I please have a photo please?" He was so pleasant and obviously, adorable. My mom made a comment about him holding out on signing for next season and how much we love him no matter what and he laughed like a sport. Pun not intended.  

And then we made it over to the proper terminal and found my brother. Which was considerably less exciting. Sorry about the quality of this photo. 

And we went to Tahoe with my cousin Andrew. Also, this is a horrible picture of all three of us. 

And Nick was being rude so I took a photo of him sleeping...

But then he woke up so I took this one, too

This is Andrew and his brother Daniel doing that joke-fighting thing that people do? on my grandmother's couch. They're special, they are. 

My brother took this photo and about 703 more selfies of him and various people at my Welcome Home Party. I kid you not, we all keep finding more on our phones.

And then he left again. We got the right terminal the second time around. 

So that's my lately. Also, I feel the need to disclose that all of the complaints I mentioned above have come from the same source- my grandmother Mimi. They still count though! 

Thanks for reading. xo

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